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Zen Zem is a brand of contemporary pottery, wheel thrown and hand painted with cheerful, colourful motifs.

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About the process

Zen Zem is a brand of contemporary pottery, hand thrown on the potter’s wheel. Once thrown, each piece is hand painted with colourful motifs, giving it a unique design. All products are fired twice in a ceramic kiln. After the final firing with glaze, they are durable, ready to use and make your everyday life more enjoyable. Collections tend to be seasonal, so they usually reflect current time of the year.

About the purchase

Zen Zem products are sold via regular collection updates. If no products are available in the shop right now, it means that the collection is sold out and I’m working hard on a new one :). You can always find out in advance when the collection will be available on this site or on Zen Zem Instagram. For shop updates, I recommend that you sign up to fill in your details in advance so that you can order your desired piece.

About Nina

All products are designed, manufactured, edited, fired and photographed by me. I am a designer who is captivated by the precision and difficulty of making ceramics. The motifs are a reflection of my imagination and memories of nice moments in my childhood. I like all things colourful, story-like, I’m not afraid to experiment and introduce new things to my work. Thank you very much for believing in my art and continuing to purchase your favorite pieces.

The creation of handmade ceramics intrigued me with its precision and difficulty. Each piece requires a lot of effort, time and love. I hope every single Zen Zem product will make your time at home more enjoyable.

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