About me

My name is Nina and I am from Bratislava. Since childhood I have been inclined towards art and its many forms and that is why after high school I decided to study product and interior design at the Faculty of Architecture at the Slovak University of Technology.

What first got me thinking about interiors and improving the space we live in was a semester spent in Copenhagen, Denmark, through the Erasmus study programme. The Scandinavian style and philosophy of life are very close to my heart in that, despite adverse weather conditions, the Scandinavians are able to make moments at home more pleasant, for example with handmade ceramics or balanced colour combinations.

Mgr. art. Nina Štrpková

After graduating from university, where I first encountered sculptural work and clay modelling, I wanted to continue to be engaged in this field that had captivated me because of its precision and difficulty. I was particularly interested in working with the potter’s wheel and functional pottery with a modern approach.

I love art history, as well as contemporary art. I constantly visit current exhibitions in local and international galleries, where I get a lot of inspiration for my work. I am particularly inclined towards Fauvism, Surrealism or Expressionism. Some of my favourite artists are Henri Matisse and his perfect colour compositions, Joan Miró and his playful abstraction, and Marc Chagall and his cheerful, colourful villages. As for contemporary authors, I was impressed by David Hockney, whose well-known quote – “I prefer living life in color.” –  I live by in my own work.

In addition to self-expression, pottery work for me also means hours and days spent in the studio working hard to improve my craft. I am constantly trying to educate and improve my ceramics, which I hope will continue. I thank my customers for their trust and interest in my work as this is what motivates me to move forward.